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It also has a small presence in the US that it aims to expand.Unlike online dating agencies, we authenticate all forms of ID and personally interview each new client.Whilst we will create your own unique and exciting personal profile, to be shared with handpicked, potential, new partners, we will never post your profile or photographs, online."There is this idea that they are very gentlemanly, they have that British humor, they are tall and classically handsome." Speaking in the breakfast room of an upmarket hotel on the Rue de Rivoli, in the elegant heart of Paris, the 30-something Belgian is chic and relaxed as she discusses sorting out love matches for the super-rich. Verbeeck was chief executive of her family's €100 million steel trading business in Antwerp, where she lives. That's the same as I do now." The dating business involves moving quickly on to the next potential couple once you have successfully paired two clients to keep the business going. Verbeeck made the move after Prodac, the steel business founded by her father, was sold to private equity.Then, she spent her days haggling with mills and manufacturers for reject steel to flog to clients around the world. "I knew a lot about steel, but I wanted to do something else." She was already providing consultancy advice to her friend Mairead Molloy, who owns Berkeley International's original U. They set up a joint venture for continental Europe, which Ms. Just as business is increasingly international, so, it seems, is dating, especially in the executive suite.

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