Error before updating scaffolding from new

They expect them to work on everything from the smallest smart phones to wide-screen high-definition desktops.

We have to jump over all of these hurdles and still finish the race in an ever-decreasing time.

You now need to specify that you want to support both MVC and Web API In this project, create a new Model and call it Time Tracking Item.

Once you have the Model added, compile your project.

We care about anything that can safely and reliably handle some of these complexities for us. With Scaffolding we won’t have to worry about wiring up to the database yet we still get a well-structured web application that still adheres to the MVC design pattern.

Start by creating a new MVC Web Application in Visual Studio 2013.

When you click ‘ , the Scaffolding will work its magic.

We need to worry about their performance, security, scalability and accessibility; on top of ensuring that it actually does what the end user wants.

The MDF file for a SQL database was created in the App Data folder on the project.

Right now, there is only the one table for the one Model that we have specified.

In the end, we get a pretty good implementations for the basic CRUD operations on the Model that we specified.

In addition to creating the Controller and DBContext, we also get the various Views needed to support these Actions.

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