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Without a serious engagement with the development of the Gospel texts, we will just exchange mere opinions. It amazes me how Basilides’ knowledge of the Synoptic tradition is not generally discussed.

Then he proposes an alternative; Marcion’s Gospel as the original document from which the Synoptics (and, if I understand it well, the Gospel of John) not only borrowed their narrative but also created their theology in reaction to his.Learn more, including about available controls: Cookies Policy. Vinzent proposed that Marcion of Sinope was the founder of the Gospel genre known to us in the Synoptic literature and therefore the terminus post quem of the Synoptics should be pushed as late as the time of Marcion (around 144 CE).Of course the reader of these words can now imagine what an overwhelmingly huge task it is to prove his point.To do that in 353 pages Vinzent had to make two major statements that nearly annihilated all the possible barriers on the way to his theory.

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