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A model demonstration project to design strategies that provide opportunities for children with deaf-blindness to act independently on their social and physical environment.Learning to learn: This project focuses on developing fundamental social skills (social interaction and presymbolic and symbolic communication) and object related problem solving skills (manipulating objects and negotiating obstacles and barriers that arise at home, in class and in the community) while ensuring continuity through the transitions that occur moving through the school system.Students are enrolled when it is determined that an appropriate educational program cannot be provided by the local school district or county educational agency and CSB is identified as the most appropriate placement by the CSB IEP team.The Center on Self-Determination does many different things on disability issues.Students from all over the Southeast come to the program, renamed the Helen Keller School in 1980.Now, we serve children who are multidisabled, with a single sensory impairment and cognitive limitations, in addition to children who are deaf-blind.The project has four operant goals: (a) Identify children who are deaf-blind through outreach, project visibility, coordinating identification efforts with other state child find efforts, and assisting families and service providers with validation of sensory loss; (b) deliver technical assistance to families; (c) Deliver technical assistance to service providers in the areas of parent education, transition, transdisciplinary assessments, teacher competencies and current best practices being the focus; and (d) Enhance community oversight and coordinate and collaborate with state and national organizations.This program provides vocational rehabilitation services to persons who are deaf-blind in AZ.

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Upon receipt of the referral, a request is made for all records pertaining to the student, including the most current Individualized Educational Plan (IEP).

The American Association of the Deaf-Blind has a mission to assure that a comprehensive, coordinated system of services is accessible to all deaf-blind persons enabling them to achieve their maximum potential through increased independence, productivity and integration into the community.

AADB provides basic services to its members such as print-to-braille or braille-to-print transcription of personal papers, shopping services, loan of braille books, and other necessities.

ADIEC offers appropriate sensory, communication and psychoeducational testing to children and youth between the ages of 5 to 21 years.

Classroom placement may be made available to children and youth who can not receive appropriate programming with in their home school district.

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