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Be sure to bring the life that you want into existence and if you are a good person then it stands to reason that you ain't break the mold because you're the last good person on this earth so you're bound to find a good brother and believe that God is better than that; He ain't gonna instill all that goodness in you and not bring it to you. When you become a wife, remember, don't dismantle his manhood by doing too much.

Sometimes when you're single for too long you don't know how to fall back, but be happy that for the first time in a long time you don't need to be the man and the woman in your relationship. Some women think they'll take any man because it's better than being alone. Believe that you deserve and want better than average.

That's what I'm looking to entertain is a good ol' GAM.

Now, ladies, a GAM is brother who has great potential and is handling his business—God-fearing man, pays his bills on time, and at the bare minimum has great credit or is working to have a great credit score.

When you get up go to church, pray and get back out there.

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), aspires to be a rapper at 40, hustles and grinds because he's still just trying make it happen (that's translation for: "I don't have my ish together; can I borrow to get my car out of valet?"), asks me to visit him and come through the back door of his home quietly because he doesn't want to disturb his baby's mama, child and mother, who all live with him (some man really asked me this!) or considers his wife and children a "situation." Say what? When I truly examine the landscape of the dating game, it often seems bleak for a single mom of three like me. I send food back at restaurants if it’s not perfect. I’m not a pet person — I don’t want anything in my house that can’t help with the mortgage! I follow my children [Dominic, 25, Donielle, 21, and Dia, 17] on social media to see what they are up to.

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