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Kudos to those who can wear it and appreciate it, it was definitely the dark mysterious sexy scent for the in charge woman back in the day. I'd find wearing this intimidation its not " me" but I don't think its a bad scent. I suggest if you can't wear this but like the vibe, try Opium, Tabu or Youth Dew Amber. It's great to see others' reviews on fragrances and it helps, but it's not a deterrent or a given as everyone's chemistry is different and we all do like different notes in perfumes. It smells like a very very cheap, very badly mixed, murdered notes... lol She said one would either like or hate it and that most of the ladies that purchased it were "older." Thank goodness I didn't just blind buy. Had it before and although I love the scent it is SO strong that it firehoses everything else out of the room. I’m Catholic and the opening of this perfume is Christmas Mass when the incense is being used.

My aunt wore this to Midnight masses, Christmas dinners, special events. With so many good reviews and accolades to this perfume I decided to give it a try... Living in the subtropics I am not sure how to wear this in public - the scent is like talking too loud and too long and not letting anyone else have a go. Then on me it dries down to a slightly sweet, expensive/department store makeup compact.

You can wear this one to get noticed, but the only person you're *really* wearing YD for is yourself. I work from home so I wear it all day, but if I'm going out, this one comes with me at night only. Don't throw on cut off jean shorts and a tee, then try to rock YD -- unless you're purposely wanting to be crude (and why would you ever want to do that on purpose, dahlings? I am in my 20s and do not think this scent is at all inappropriate for me. Sometimes I sneak a tiny amount just to enjoy a faint whiff of the scent, but my husband can smell one measly molecule of Youth Dew a mile away, and he loathes this fragrance like no other. First off, if you’ve never smelled it before, you might imagine something with a name like Youth-Dew to smell like Stella EDT - rosey, mild, innocent. It’s a conundrum to me because this smells ancient.

The scent is intimate and stays by your side all day long. And speaking of cats, one of mine will *not* leave me alone when I'm wearing YD. I thoroughly enjoyed the reviews, the loves and the HELL NO! This will certainly elicit a strong reaction in most people. The lady at the the counter at Nordstroms thought my reaction was hysterical! Not Nana’s with purple hair, I’m talking truly ancient like Queen Catharine of Aragon or Cleopatra.

The bath oil can also be used as a perfume, and it smells a lot different (and better) than the spray. Add that the main note detected in the dry-down is incense, and naturally we have a divisive fragrance.

Youth Dew is not for everyone, but I love this classic scent. For this lover of drugstore oldies, I think it's a cozy and elegant scent. Maybe a bit like Shocking, but with the sex removed. Made in- and for a different era when women didn't want to smell like cupcakes.

If this sounds like you or a special lady in your life, then look no further and get this regal and beautiful spiced goddess perfume. This is definitely a "classic" and exuberant fragrance. My Keywords: old fashioned bars, women with manners peculiarly dressed, society life, old movies, literature, big theatres, bold, hard liquor, seduction, women with overloaded make-up, ferment. Just not for me :) I have been wearing a sample given to me mixed with Indian Night Jasmine oil from The Body Shop. I like Youth Dew but i find it a bit intimidating however mixing it with jasmine( or sandalwood) makes it more " me". I want to leave another review now that I have used the bath oil for a while.Bravo the house of Lauder for making such a sublime magical perfume ! Songs for the scent: (introvert side): Julie London - Cry Me A River (exhuberant side): Liza Minnelli - Cabaret Yes, it's definitely a Love or Hate scent. I really love the newer version, I find the vintage very cloying and too strong, it almost smells like it has gone off. But I think the current version is absolutely lovely, very spicy and powdery on my skin. It reminds her of her grandmother/mother along with Lanvin Arpege. I have used it in the tub and also put some into a rollerball and used as perfume.I don't think too many people feel neutral about this scent. I have the vintage bottle of the EDP and also the body oil, but recently I ordered a new bottle from Amazon for 23.00. The dry down is beautiful, powdery, patchouli and sandalwood. The bath oil smells like a sweeter version *of the drydown* of the EDP. Since that is my favorite part I feel like something is missing when I wear the bath oil.It wasn't a favorite of mine in my younger days, either.But now, either my nose has changed, or Estee Lauder has changed the formula.

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