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I'm open to talking to women and seeing what happens. I really wish there was someone near me that I can experience that with. I would like to talk to another woman about these fantasies and my sexuallity. for a long time that I am bi, but never explored it further. I am married to a guy but just looking for someone to befriend and talk to about this.

I'm not sure how to go about finding other women that are curious too. I've never openly admitted it (or wanted to acknowledge it myself I guess..) but I know I have been attracted to other women...

I've always thought of myself as straight and have never been with a girl but have always got turned on by the thought of it.

What I really want is a straight female friend, who shares that same feeling. we could talk about work, shopping, makeup, life in general, but then also talk...

I've always had a thing for girls, and sincerely believe that if I had come of age in the 90's instead of the 70's I'd have experienced the touch of a woman.

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