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And I started to realize what a poor, vague, nothing kind of question it is to ask “what is your purpose? All I had to start doing was creating something, anything, several things that would make me feel I want to create?It’s all well and good saying to go create something, but if you don’t know what or how then it’s still meaningless.

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Then almost as soon as I gave up trying so hard, things became a lot clearer. We create thoughts and knowledge and content and books and podcasts and TV programs and websites and furniture and i Phones and apps to go on those i Phones and other phones to rival those i Phones and slightly bigger i Phones we call i Pads and all sorts of other inventions and relationships and businesses and lives for ourselves…. But we also create fear and negativity and judgment and perfectionism and evil and other bad stuff. ” is actually a pretty poor question when it comes to the kind of answer most of us are looking for. No longer was I searching for this magic moment that would give me a sign that I should definitively label myself as this or that. All I could think about was having to get up the next morning and force myself through another day.Force myself to act like everything was moving in the right direction.I’d gone from never thinking about my purpose, to being obsessed with finding it, to just getting fed up with it all.In fact, I was pissed off that all these other people seemed to be living “in line with their purpose” while I was left stuck and still asking questions.

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