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Additionally, our latest mention in the 5th edition of the Dyslexia Sp LD Trust's 'What Works...'' publication recommends Lexia for its profound impact on the reading skills of young learners.read more » Lexia delivers a highly personalised learning experience where exercises adapt automatically, according to individual need.

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The main characteristics of hyperlexia are an above normal ability to read coupled with a below normal ability to understand spoken language.read more » An Affordable Solution Due to its online nature, Lexia consistently provides personalised, explicit practice, reducing the need for teacher-led support.Easily accessed reports inform planning and evidence progression, thus reducing the dependency on paper based tests.Have a friendly debate over what you disagree about, but understand that bashing any OTP of hers is not the smartest idea. DC may be huge, for example, but there’s a chance she’s more of an Image Comics fan. If so, know her favorite – and first, if different – Doctor is.Oh, and it’s best to avoid getting her angel statues. Naming pets after fictional characters WILL happen.

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