Psychic love and dating advice for men

However, the main headline of the month is a powerful Solar Eclipse of the 15th, together with Mercury and Jupiter.The Sun’s eclipse impacts on your friendships, children and your hopes and wishes sky.Financially this indicates strong earning power with a dash of inspiring financial intuition.February is for planning, doing your home-work, consolidating ideas and streamlining finances.

However, the Solar Eclipse on the 15th falls in your career house and there are shake-ups in your company and industry, perhaps government changes, maybe rules are changed…This eclipse is powerful in other ways as Mercury your financial planet is affected, perhaps you’ll need to get some expert help.When you’re asked for important advice try to wait until after the 19th when Mercury helps restore logic, think first – speak later.Horoscopes are given by astrologists to offer guidance, advice and warnings. A personal horoscope can be retrieved by how the planets were aligned at the exact time of birth.You have the opportunity to read Psychic Light’s free monthly horoscopes which are uniquely written for us by Carol Day, a highly experienced and knowledgeable astrologer or indeed request a personal horoscope chart.

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