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If you were the director at a large office 9-5 kind of company, and you had one job and two candidates perfect for that job – exactly the same in all respects – except one of them came in a suit, was neat, well groomed and spoke eloquently and the other has cow licked hair, dirty stained tube socks, crusty trousers and spoke like Cleetus the slack jaw yokel. Can you convert all your friends to loyal ‘Brand X’ product users? Where this is common place for a high profile, established, winning Professional team.

If you put work into a website, people (or even potential sponsors) will take notice. Can you do a trade stand at a local tourney series, can you work for one Saturday a month at the local field cleaning the equipment or marshalling?

If you can send us some paint, give us some stickers or a banner and we will slap those stickers on everyone we see down at ***********and ****************l.

We just need paint and we will do anything you want.

Now we aren’t those little paintball players we were before.

So far, however, she has avoided arrest by wearing all-concealing Islamic dress as she has flitted between Somalia, Kenya and Tanzania.The requirements below are mandatory to be considered for a sponsorship program and you may add more information if you like.1) Team name, home location and captain information. 3) Names, ages and playing years of each team member. (can be scanned and printed) 5) Teams practice schedule and home playing location. 7) Current head to toe equipment list of each team member. Field owners are the backbone of paintball tournaments. Also, do not actively promote other companies that do not sponsor you (or you want to be sponsorsed by). Our goal at Sponsor Paintball is to match up teams of all skill levels with an appropriate company seeking the publicity gained from a paintball Sponsorship.It will make current sponsors feel cheated and it will tell potential new sponsors that you don’t really appreciate the sponsors you already have. Teams may enroll via the Sign up portion of the page, listing valid detailed information regarding their experience.It is an extraordinary, macabre journey into darkness for the 29-year-old, who grew up as a normal teenager in Aylesbury before meeting Jermaine Lindsay, a British Muslim, in an online chat room when she was 17. When her husband was named as one of four suicide bombers who blew up Tube trains and a bus in 2005, killing 52 people, Lewthwaite initially condemned her late husband’s attack and denied any knowledge of his plan. More than eight years later, Lewthwaite is one of Al Qaeda’s main recruiters in East Africa and is an official spokesman for Al Shabaab (The People), the terrorist group behind the horror in Nairobi.Her fearless reputation within Africa’s growing Islamic terror network has been strengthened by her own involvement as a mujahid – or warrior – during a series of bombings and shootings in Kenya’s tourist areas.

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