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B: Well, authors don’t really get famous like actors or athletes, so it’s usually pretty cool when people recognize me.And I’m fairly eccentric in person so I can get away with just about anything I want to do. “When you see a photo of us, it looks like a hostage situation.”So, no, he’s not exactly like his characters. But unlike his protagonists, Ben is not –- I’m sad to report, because we like our more accomplished celebrities niiiiice and hateable here in America –- a douche bag. And if you watch his interviews, he often seems both genuinely appreciative of and bemused by his fame, wielding self-deprecation like this recent reference to the disparity between him and his wife (New England Cable News host and fashion/jewelry designer, Tonya Mezrich): “My wife is WAY better-looking than I should be with,” he told talk show host Craig Ferguson.I spent a lot of years in the trenches waiting for that to happen.—M: Ah, the trenches. What are your earliest memories of manhood…someone who made you think, “THAT dude is a friggin’ MAN”? Certainly Arnold in all those movies, but I still go back to Hemingway and Hunter S.Thompson, both of whom were pretty screwed up, but were certainly more manly than me. ) Why do you think some critics hate your approach so much? I’m very open about my methods, and how I write, nobody should be surprised when they pick up one of my books.

Whether you are playing poker online, playing a live poker tournament or playing poker in a casino watch out.

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A winning hand isn't its own reward — instead, you're guided through sexy activities," said Carol Queen, Ph D and Good Vibrations staff sexologist.

You can expect to find a poker donkey at the lower limits of poker. The donkey will run so good that they will be mistaken that they are actually good at poker and berate other players to their fine playing skills.

The poker donkey will hit their gut shot straight, seven high flush, and miracle full-house after a fourth street flush. The poker donkey will gamble with incorrect odds and hit their miracle card. Donkeys like to play and they will get paid at your expense.

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