Invalidating therapist age courtship dating early

The second crime of the night was perpetrated against her. He nodded his approval when she said that her bad choices had resulted in her having been rapped and then beaten by her father.

Sometimes worse was when the therapist remained neutral.When we have been convinced through actions, inactions and words that there is something ‘wrong’ with us and we finally go to a helping professional such as a therapist, counselor or psychologist ~ if that mental health professional defends our parents, or focuses on US as the problem it serves us as confirmation that we are in fact the problem and it is very much a re-traumatization.Mental health professionals have tons of positional power ~ they are endorsed and accredited as being able to help and therefore we often see them as an even bigger authority then the way that we saw our parents when we were kids, so if they AGREE with our parents or if they focus with us on what WE could do or could have done differently, it very often causes a bigger problem than the one we went to talk about.She admitted that she was selfish and ungrateful for the boundaries her parents set in place for her and that she deserved what had happened to her.She was willing to be accountable for having been raped and for also for the beating. I remember looking at him to see what our ‘leader’ was going to say about this.

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