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After filming the first season of Edgemont (a teenage soap opera set at a Vancouver-area high school) and getting herself an agent, Kreuk landed the lead role of Snow White in a TV movie, Snow White: The Fairest of Them All, which aired on ABC, and later released on DVD, in 2002.

In mid-2004, Kreuk took the role of Tenar for the Sci Fi Channel two-part miniseries Legend of Earthsea.

Kreuk was involved with two pilots that did not get picked up: an NBC 2010 sitcom entitled Hitched (which was co-created by Josh Schwartz, who was also the creator of Chuck) The series finale aired on August 25, 2016.

In 2018, Kreuk played the lead role in Burden of Truth, a CBC Television production in which she portrays a "big-city lawyer who takes on a case for a group of sick girls in her hometown". Kreuk appeared in the comedy film Euro Trip (2004), playing the girlfriend who cheats on the protagonist with a musician (played by Matt Damon).

Like her fictional boyfriend, the ordinarily shy Kreuk has changed during her time on the WB series.

"To protect myself, I've always been very reserved, and it takes me a little while to warm up to people," she said.

So she's sort of pursuing him and he's backing off, which is different than it's usually been." Despite Clark's personality change, both Lana and her friend Chloe (Allison Mack) have a familiar pattern: each pining in her own way for Clark.

Kreuk's least favorite episodes have revolved around the women quibbling over the same man.

In the first three seasons of the show she was paid ,000 per episode, while from season four on she earned 0,000 per episode.

"It isn't as fun as it looks," Kreuk said about on- camera liplocks with Tom Welling, who plays Clark Kent/Superman. When the season ended in May, Clark was wearing a mood-altering kryptonite ring that turned him into a clubgoer - and a bank robber.

"Tom and I get along really well and I trust him a lot and I really like him, so it's easier in that way, but it's technical and professional and in no way romantic." Still, thousands of women would trade places with Kreuk, well, faster than a speeding bullet. In tomorrow's episode, Lana goes to Metropolis to retrieve Clark, but he resists her and sets their affair off course.

The series, which was slated to be shot in Vancouver, revolves around the life of teenager Clark Kent before he becomes Superman.

Gough and Millar called Kreuk to WB's studios in Burbank, California to audition for the role of Clark Kent's first love, Lana Lang. For a while, Kreuk was starring on both Smallville and Edgemont, although her role on Edgemont slightly diminished over time. After seven seasons, Kreuk left Smallville in the beginning of 2008, when her character leaves town.

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