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Additional strains on the piping system vary based on whether the piping is vertical or horizontal.

For horizontal piping, the major obstacles are typically the space constraints around the length and turns of the pipe.

This puts the piping in a condition of stress, with potentially damaging reactive forces on components or equipment.

The forces generated during this thermal-dimension change are often significant, and the movement must be accommodated and controlled to prevent transmission of these stresses throughout the piping system.

A grooved pipe-joining system is one way of accommodating thermal expansion and contraction.

It reduces stress on the piping system and provides a more compact, easy-to-inspect, and productive method of installation over other pipe-joining methods, such as welding or flanging.

All materials, including pipe, experience dimension changes as a result of varying temperatures and their coefficient of expansion.

This often occurs at directional changes in the pipework.

The dimensions of the coupling key are narrower than the groove in the pipe, allowing room for the coupling key to move in the pipe groove.In addition, with the grooved method, all sealing elements are combined within a metallic housing.Stresses on piping Thermal transients may impose stress on a piping system, as the pipe grows when heated and contracts when cooled.Whether using speciality expansion joints or a grooved expansion joint, the adjacent piping must be properly guided (as shown in Figure 1) to ensure the movement is directed into the device and no lateral movement is experienced.Grooved expansion joints may be used as flexible connectors; however, they will not provide full expansion and full deflection simultaneously.

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