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Dike, 40, who is currently 18 months into an 11-year stretch at HMP Dovegate in Staffordshire, describes himself as a “regular kind of guy who doesn’t mind travelling when the opportunity arises”.

He notes: “My time in prison so far has been a bit lonely, due to me losing contact with my friends [no Facebook! It would be nice to reconnect socially with the outside world.” But a dating website for lags isn’t even the oddest niche site out there for singletons looking for love.

I wonder why it is then that men often dominate the top rankings?!

I definitely agree there is a gender bias though, especially noticeable in racing - female trainers are especially few and far between.

With millions of users worldwide, the website claims huge success in helping couples who aren’t so easy on the eye get together – and stay together.

Some say beauty exists only in the eye of the beholder, but these guys are brave enough to admit that sometimes it’s not there either.

Has anyone started planning their summer shows yet?!

With over 30,000 members, they offer a wealth of chances to get out in the dating world, with the chance to be totally up-front about any infections you’re suffering from.My mare used to get terrible mud fever and one thing I was told was to stop washing the mud off her legs every time she got muddy.So, I often wonder if it’s an external symptom of an internal imbalance. I always found growing up that riding was seen as something for 'girls', and loads of boys I knew gave up, thinking it wasn't 'cool'.From nudist dating to lonely hearts groups for fatties, here MATT QUINTON looks at some of the strangest.Website Dead Meet welcomes lonely hearts who also work with corpses – from crematorium workers and funeral directors to morticians and taxidermists.

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