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Clowns are unique entertainers loved by some yet fear and hated by others.

is a Usenet newsgroup – a discussion group within the Usenet network – relating to human sexual activity. An October 1993 survey by Brian Reid reported an estimated worldwide readership for the .

In a post last year, Daily Stormer editor Andrew Anglin declared that racists like him react with “a lot of anger” to white women who have children with black men “because it’s OUR WOMB — that’s right, it doesn’t belong to her, it belongs to the males in her society — that is being used to produce an enemy soldier.” As racists like Anglin see it, when white women become sexually involved with black men they are in effect cuckolding all white men.

This insecurity about “race cucking” is undoubtedly the main reason alt-right men are so fond of calling other men “cucks” — a handy way to project their own anxieties onto others.

The messages containing the virus were posted with message headers claiming that the post had been written using the America Online (AOL) account of Scott Steinmetz, whose username was "skyroket".

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MRAs may do precious little actual activism in the real world, but they do have a range of issues that they discuss on a regular basis, some of them legitimate issues they have seized upon largely for propaganda purposes (like male suicide and workplace safety), others generated from their own paranoid fantasies (the supposed epidemic of false rape accusations that leaves every man at risk of being jailed based on nothing more than a woman’s word).Jackson subscribes to the channels of popular MGTOWs bar bar, Thinking-Ape, and Sandman, as well as many lesser-known names.While MGTOWs and alt-rightists regularly spar with one another online, the two movements now appear to be converging, with alt-rightists increasingly spouting anti-feminist, anti-women talking points familiar to anyone who has paid attention to the men’s-rights movement; meanwhile, more and more MGTOWs are becoming less shy about expressing their racism, with many openly identifying with the alt-right.It’s not hard to see where Jackson picked up at least some of his noxious views.He was, he told the Daily News, a regular reader of the neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer; on You Tube he subscribes to the channels of a vast assortment of alt-rightists and fellow travelers, from Hitler-worshiping revisionist “historians” who call themselves things like Esoteric Truth and the Impartial Truth to conspiracy-addled right-wingers like Alex Jones and the resolutely anti-feminist, anti-Muslim You Tube “philosopher” Stefan Molyneux.

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