Rose byrne dating stephen merchant

The next morning she calls Josh to tell him about it, and he soon turns up at her apartment with coffee and her favourite sweets to cheer her up. Josh wants to get casserole dishes for Nat but Chloe laughs that this is not a present for a wife and she must help him; they end up at a lingerie shop with Josh uncomfortably trying to make conversation with the shop assistant amongst the shop's expensive contents.Chloe tries on a lingerie set, and asks Josh what he thinks of it.Some of their differences are highlighted when they talk about their honeymoon in Morocco: Nat didn't enjoy the leather museum; Josh remembers it as interesting.When the topic changes to Josh's former flame, Chloe (Anna Faris), Nat discovers that the two never officially broke up when Chloe departed to Africa for four years.The following day, Nat and her work-colleagues make fun of their new client, Guy Harrap (Simon Baker), the new owner of a bleach company.They believe he will be a stereotypical American who thinks the British are "quaint".

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Meanwhile, Chloe and Charlie attend a boring dinner party, then leave early to adjourn to Charlie's apartment.Nat tries to discourage Josh from accompanying her to a work party, but he is determined, irritating her.At the party, he makes a fool of himself with embarrassing dancing and standing next to a poster he can joke about during the night.Guy explains that he basically grew up in the factory during his childhood summers.Nat comments that she's not the marrying type, still unable to tell Guy she's married.

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