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Traffic is to be expected, so if you are out and about please plan accordingly.If you would like to pay your respects, you are welcome to line frontage roads and overpasses while abiding by posted parking restrictions and first responder requests.FIRE crews were called to rescue a Tinder dater trapped upside down in a window attempting to retrieve a poo she unsuccessfully tried to throw away, it's claimed.The woman is said to have been on a date at a house in Bristol when she panicked after apparently being unable to flush the faeces down the toilet.Thousands turned out to see Iverson's procession on its route through Ventura, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside counties back to San Diego.

Liam, 24, a sociology student at Bristol University, said his date bravely confessed the situation - but got into difficulty as the pair tried to retrieve the poo.

@fox5sandiego Njhp Du HAp — Felicia Martinez (@Felicia News) December 17, 2017 The procession for fallen hero Cory Iverson has made it to Chino, where rows of fellow firefighters and some 50 civilians were waiting to honor him. Staggs (@Journo Brooke) December 17, 2017 Tomorrow, a procession will escort Engineer Cory Iverson back home to San Diego.

Here is the route it will take and the anticipated timeline.

You can start thinking about becoming an FDNY Firefighter as early as 17 1/2 years of age.

You should not reach your 29th birthday by the beginning of the application process.

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