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We had a meeting in Palm City that we had to rush to. I wasnt able to pickup the car at the airport location and was forced to spend 30% more then the online price. A little explanation of how the push button works would have been nice.The car was parked in a different spot than indicated which made it slightly confusing whether or not it was the right car to leave with.Plane canceled - at hospice w dying aunt - had to change to early morning flight but no ine answered Bellvadere office ohine at , 8pm, and called 899 number that said I was lying, of course they answer the ohone.Left my name and number at Bellvadere office - no call back - just to see if I could return early morn instead of late night.I did not like that the rental office was not open when we wanted to return the car which resulted in an extra cost for me.I returned the car to the long term parking area at the airport which was fine.

Aunt died, thank God for her - had late charge...never rent frim payless again Staff at west palm beach claimed the prepay fuel option was not optional, that "all their contracts have this" and only if you return the car with a gas receipt can you get this charge taken off. The staff at Fort Lauderdale were very helpful and friendly, thankfully, but does not make up for the dishonesty. There were only 3 people ahead of us in line, but only one employee at the counter who was very slow. wasted my time driving to airport Kayak added a pop for insurance that mad me feel it was from Avis when in fact it was from another service.The car reserved and delivered was not what I Expected based on the ad on Kayak. I got stuck at my daughter's house on medical emergency and returned the car at on the 28th instead of on the 27th and the total bill became 5. more For the extra time. and I can't Afford this kind of outrageous overcharge. I.would appreciate your adjustment of the charges on consideration of the above.Thank you Walter Hirsch You will see everyother rental companies bus pass before the Budget bus comes! Stood out in front of the airport for 35 minutes waiting on the shuttle.Charging /day resulted in them essentially pocketing about for the duration of my rental, and I didn't really have another option.They also railroad you into paying for them to fill up the gas in advance. Came at pm to pick up the car, and I was told that the rate I got online no longer applied because I was late.

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