Updating ps3 with flash drive

You can install the updates in two ways: via the Internet on your PS4 console and via a USB flash drive.

The second option is convenient if your console doesn’t have an available Internet connection at the moment.

Although updates are not required if you normally play single player games, it is still beneficial to install it for you to get a full gaming experience from your console.For those regularly scheduled major update releases, you will be presented with an update notification dialog If you decide not to update, you will receive an automatic update within 45 days if you have the "Allow Adobe to install updates" option selected.Please note that when this update occurs, only Flash Player will be installed.If you want to be notified about every Flash Player update, select "Notify me to install updates" when initially installing Flash Player or from the Advanced tab in the Flash Player control panel.Finally, if you'd prefer not to receive any updates, select "Never check for updates (not recommended)".

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