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They feel these labels have lead to people being stereotyped or identified solely by orientation.Further, sexual orientation can be fluid: some people have difficulty fitting in any of the above categories.However, he says he prefers girls but has been with quite a few boys in his life time." He was indeed interviewed in Attitude magazine (October 2007 issue) but he did not "come out".In the preliminary material Attitude noted "..18 year old hetero actor embarking on his first acting role..." The magazine's second question to Hewer was "...portraying such a well thought out and appealing gay character must have been quite a personal journey for you as a young hetero guy. " His answer noted that as a dancer who has had roles in musical theatre "...

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He is also famous for his role in the TV series, Britannia High.

Mitch Hewer - Maxxie Hewer became a young TV heartthrob as talented dancer Maxxie, the only openly gay character in the first generation of Skins kids.

His career has been rather quiet since then, his most notable appearances being minor roles in two straight-to-VOD movies: sex comedy Behaving Badly (2014) and supernatural thriller Nightlight (2015).

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