Updating voyager software

Important updates include improvements for the HAPPYLAN program that addresses past error messages.Also, the improved installation program installs more smoothly than Happylink 3.07 install below without the need to run the install program in Administrator mode for Windows 64-bit PC’s.

HAPPY USB Drivers for 64-Bit Versions of WIndows If you are setting up a USB connection between your HAPPY HCS, HCD or HCR machine and a PC with 64-bit versions Windows 7, and 64-bit versions Windows Vista 64.

Larry Zottarelli, the last original Voyager engineer still on the project, is retiring after a long and storied history at JPL. "Although, some people can program an assembly language and understand the intricacy of the spacecraft, most younger people can't or really don't want to." As the new engineer, you have a few tasks ahead of you and about 64 kilobytes of memory to work with.

While there are still a few hands around who worked on the original project, now the job of keeping this now-interstellar spacecraft going will fall to someone else. The Voyager twins sport NASA's earliest on-board computers, a step away from the sequencers used on projects like ISEE-3.

Then, browse into the folder and find the application “inst_hpy”.

Right-click on it - Run in compatibility mode for Windows XP Service Pack 3 and Run as Administrator. Install the LAN or LINK program in the screen that appears, along with the correct driver for your operating system.

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