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What setup do you have at your house, or do you still pay for cable or satellite TV?Are there shows that you think you can't get by using these free video options? The content of is for general information purposes only and does not constitute professional advice.Many of these online options may be available for streaming through the Play On software in the future as well.

While it isn't as fun to watch the shows on a small computer monitor, it is still a good option I think.The biggest benefit of the autopay option for credit cards is that it can help you avoid late payments, which can cause you to get hit with both a hefty late fee and a higher penalty interest rate, Cathey says.In addition, those late payments can end up on your credit reports and damage your credit if they are more than 30 days past due.Right now their plans might be too small for heavy video streaming users, but they're definitely on their way to bigger and better offerings – and they're definitely good enough if you only stream shows a few times a month. Things we needed: In our case, we already had everything at our house, except for the Play On software.So for this setup we paid .99 for a lifetime license for the Play On software, plus the .99/month for the basic Netflix streaming package (get it, it's worth it! We were also already paying for Amazon Prime, so we got free streaming TV shows and movies with that membership.

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