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Should neither team score, a shoot out of three rounds of penalty shots decides the winner. The losers of the quarterfinal round games will receive a final ranking of 5 through 8 based on their preliminary round ranking.The four winners of these qualification playoff games advanced to the quarterfinal round, while the losers of the qualification playoff games received a final ranking of 9 through 12 based on their preliminary round ranking. Should the teams be tied after 60 minutes of regulation, an overtime period of at most ten minutes would decide the winner immediately upon the next goal. The gold medal game was a rematch of the men's tournament in ice hockey at the 2002 Winter Olympics held in Salt Lake City, United States.The gold medal game drew a big hockey audience in both Canada and the United States.In Canada, the game drew an average 16.6 million viewers while 26.5 million Canadians watched at least part of the game.It was the fourth time since the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano that the National Hockey League allowed its players to compete.These Olympics were the first to take place in a city with an NHL team since then, which meant players on the Vancouver Canucks who were competing in the Olympics were playing in their home arena: Roberto Luongo for Canada, Ryan Kesler for the United States, Pavol Demitra for Slovakia, Sami Salo for Finland, Christian Ehrhoff for Germany, and Daniel and Henrik Sedin for Sweden.

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However, a new ratings system intended to better track out-of-home viewership was only implemented in August 2009, making it difficult to accurately compare these results with ratings prior to that date – specifically, the 2002 Canada–USA gold medal game in Salt Lake City, the record holder under the previous system.

A king asks a learned man to visit his palace, to which the learned man responds: "I will come some day next month, but I will not tell you on which day. If wise man visit on 3rd day, you can give him ring with 1 & 2 grams.

Further, you must give me gold in grams equal to the date on which I come." In preparation for the visit, the king demands that his jeweler make gold rings of 1 to 31 grams. If wise man visit on 15th day, you can give him ring with 1, 2, 4, 8 grams.

To make matters worse, when Greg discovered what Helena, a florist, had been up to, first of all she claimed it was ‘just a bit of fun’ and then said: ‘Nothing happened…

it was nonsense.’But her actions were, he insisted, unforgivable.

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