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Magnus let out a groan, this time with slight anger at being interrupted with his wonderful girlfriend.

Speaking of, Alex got up and acted as if she hadn’t just jumped out of bed scared.

He blinked a few times before stretching and feeling a light weight on his chest.

He blinked down and felt a smile grace his features.

The way her little nose would scrunch up, or how she would burrow further into his chest. Magnus could die—He felt heat rise to his cheeks and turned his head to hide his smile into the hand he brought to his face.

The timing isn’t exactly great for Alec — as evidenced by him responding, “Now’s not really a good time for me” — but don’t lose faith, “Malec” Nation. Alex was sleeping soundly with her cheek smooshed against Magnus’s chest with one hand entangled with the boy, and the other tucked into his chest.They had fallen asleep listening to music and talking about whatever came to mind.She coughed slightly and patted down her clothes to get any dirt off.Magnus let out a laugh at the sight.“Shut up.” She said.

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