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They live as any other couple does, they fight, they go out for movies and they do NOT like visiting each other’s parents! But we need to show what we want and work towards making it possible.Hailing from Kanpur, Dilpreet Kaur, the Calculator girl who dreams of becoming an IAS officer, can solve multiple calculations within a minute. Dilpreet Kaur is a Class 10 student and has, by now, set 13 re Yes, a minute.*Keshav belongs to the small-town of Kanpur, that is situated in the most populated state in India – Uttar Pradesh – with the literacy rate below 69% , that is much less than the national average.

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This is situated on the banks of Ganges, is a bathing place built of red stone by the minster of Avadh, Tikait Rai. A huge temple devoted to Lord Shiva is also situated here. UPICA, UP Handloom Emporium, Phulkari, Punjab Emporium and Manjusha, Bengal Emporium.He decided to lose weight and finally groom himself.He learnt once you are groomed properly, you can look way better than you think of yourself. They started meeting often and soon became sleeping buddies, without even realising that.The district magistrate has already made recommendations to the CM to acknowledge her talent.It is closely associated with the Indian epic Ramayana.

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