Ronda rousey dating chael sonnen

It could be that the top dog is just so far ahead of you and everyone else that you were never going to catch them anyway.

If that’s the case, you may just fancy settling in and accepting your place, content to work with what you’ve got and steal a little shine for yourself whenever possible.

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Every time you read a sports magazine, check an article online, or even turn on your TV, chances are one of these two fighters will be staring back at you.

Koscheck ended up injured so it was called off, but it’s still out there and will provide a major payday for all parties involved once it’s rebooked—a payday that was built almost entirely on work done by the UFC.

More immediately it’s emerged that Bellator intends to book former UFC megastar Chael Sonnen, a recent signing, against Wanderlei Silva, who was also most recently seen on UFC marquees and remains a legend in the sport.

The feud between the two is years long, dating back to the days of Sonnen’s rise through the UFC’s middleweight division and involving a number of heated exchanges, sniping in interviews, a gig coaching that culminated in an all-out bareknuckle brawl and a sanctioned bout at UFC 175 that was cancelled after both men were busted for various illegal substances.

It’s not unreasonable to contend that the UFC spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in promoting that bout, even if one chooses only to focus on the costs of producing It’s a brilliant approach to doing business for the second-best promotion in MMA, and one that you’re likely to see more of as Bellator poaches more UFC talent and hunts for big names to oppose it.

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