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Instead of endless philosophical discussions to prove a point, experiment becomes the final arbitrator of truth, a successful approach.The issue becomes a bit sticky when discussing origins. We do not have the luxury of having a miniature universe with aeons of time in the corner of a laboratory.If I asked you to clearly articulate what your God says about Himself and your relationship with Him, how many of you would rely on what someone else said or your feelings? People are unable to grasp that their model of the "scientific" and logical argument for evolution is based on what they presuppose about the creature that is evolving. For example, take a look at some extraordinary mutations and rare genes and let us make a monkey and a mermaid out of a man.In the best case their basic concept of genetics is that all it takes is a simple mutation to change from one to the other and in the worst case they seem to believe that living things are all carved out of the same "potato" substance so that all changes are basically superficial structural and cosmetic changes which can be triggered in one generation by a mutation."I have asked myself whether I may not have devoted my life to a fantasy. am ready to cry with vexation at my blindness and presumption." Charles Darwin (evolutionist), quoted by Herbert Wendt in 'From Ape to Man' page 59.The subject of creation is covered under Bible prophecy because the issue of who is the creator will become important in the final days.

We assume that our senses and instrumentation are adequate. How can you tell that a law is universal when you have not traveled to all points in space and time, and you have not seen all scenarios under which it reacts. Circular reasoning (also called "reasoning in a circle") is the basis of at least two evolutionary concepts: "natural selection" and "survival of the fittest." Tautology.If I asked you to clearly articulate one piece of evidence that convinces you that the theory of evolution explains your existence, 99% of you would be mute. This may sound laughable now, but I believe that in their desperation not to believe in God, this is the theory to which people will turn. Only it does not come with those pesky moral rules that Christianity seems to be saddled with. Many people have accepted the theory of evolution because of a combination of reasons.God himself says, that because people refuse to believe, he will send (allow to be sent) a "strong delusion" so that they will believe a lie. Scientists seem to have proved it, and the best and brightest seem to have accepted it.They claim that it is no longer a theory but I do not know of any laboratory experiments that have proven it or any reproducible experiments that demonstrate it, mainly because the theory assumes hundreds of thousands of years passage in time before small changes may be noticeable. Our instrumentation is basically an enhancement of our senses.The theory cannot be proven because it cannot be measured! We therefore do not know what else is measurable and how to gather the data.

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