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Martín and Chris, what was it about ICE CREAM MAN that made you want to work on this project?PRINCE: Martín and I made The Electric Sublime together for IDW. I’m no good at articulating what superb art like his does to me.Chris, would you say that’s true for you and, if so or if not, why? Everyone is playing off each other, but I'm not sure I would say I'm more deeply connected to the letterer over the artist in general, to be honest, or not more so than anyone else involved anyway, but there are definitely moments when I've felt a nice syncing of the two.But maybe I've just been spoilt with amazing letterers and really taken it for granted [laughs].This happens with every comic I try to make: the book slowly and shamelessly starts to ape The Sandman, insofar as you’ve got these complicated stories about real people, with this magical-ish figure circling them and exerting an unknown amount of influence.MATTER: I’ve seen this book described as “genre-defying” which is intriguing.And there, on the side of the road, will be the Ice Cream Man, serving as a connector between each story.

As for the primary colors, here’s an actual transcript, verbatim, of a thing I have written down in my notebook: mix simple ideas—loneliness, horror, despair—into something more complex and magical.As for creating the characters in each issue, I have much more freedom! The rest have maybe just one detail and then we start working on some sketches to define everyone's look.We will have a large cast of characters across the whole series.MARTÍN MORAZZO: The Ice Cream Man and his truck were the only designs we made before having the final scripts! had a sharp idea of what he wanted: a handsome guy in his 40s, blonde with blue eyes, but, most importantly, he had to express goodness and trust! thought it would be great if we gave him and his truck a 1950s look, so there we went!I used some '50s actors as reference, some pictures of old ice cream trucks, and the designs came out really easy!

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