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And in food preservation canning jars are widely used all over the world.

Since 1903, Kerr Mason jars have been contributing in food canning.

Contribution of Kerr jars in modern food preservation method: Food preservation is a key task of most of the housewives for different reasons.

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The examination of the soil residues during conservation revealed fragments of head lice. 100 AD Dutch archaeologists discovered head lice attached to a fine-tooth wooden comb, which was buried in anaerobic mud in Vlaardingen (near Rotterdam).

*Gas-Powered Outdoor Equipment cannot be returned once gas or oil has been put in it, even if the Equipment has been drained of these materials.

9,500-12,500 BC Hair combs as delousing implements were both effective and ancient.

To purchase Kerr Masson canning jars you have to spend .

It is less expensive than any other items of Kerr jars. Mason Jars (12-Count) each feature 1 pint of food storage.

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