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' newest recruit Kristen Bell, aka electricity-wielding Elle, looks like she's found a rebound love already!

After stopping by the studio in the morning, Kristen, 27, met up with her new boyfriend and third wheel Ryan Hansen (her married costar from ) in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

She keeps making him laugh, relax and giggle like a kid. R34 He told the story like: he was one of several for the role (yes, he was almost turn down before) and they had to play one-on-one with her in the final audition. Her wretchedness was well documented on a certain website with pages and pages of stories from people who worked especially during SA. He must apologize a lot for her in those types of situations.

If you care for Jonathan, you would appreciate that he has such a friend. Hell, he was almost cut from auditions and competed with 7 other guys for that part. During the break she came to him and said something like "You will get this role and we are going to be gest friends forever". One story included the time she was a bitch to a server and Groff apologized to the server. I'm not feeling sorry for him, as it's his choice to be friends with her and he's a big boy, but it must be hard loving someone so deeply and having such an incredible past/history with them, but knowing they're not always the nicest of people.

FYI: Bell broke up with her film producer Kevin Mann in recent months.

Are there any for movies scheduled later this year? Fincher directed like only first two episodes of MH s1. As for whether he blows up into a megastar I see no point in speculating on such things until they happen.

My guess is also like R15 and R16 - that it was sort of offered to him based on something Fincher liked.

Jonathan did say in an interview that he was very nervous when he flew to see Fincher but immediately calmed down when he sat with him.

I assume the part was offered since he could not have been doing much auditioning while he was in Hamilton, unless he sent in a tape.

Fincher is more prone to decide he thinks an actor is interesting & just offer them the part though.

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