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Burundi is a Country that has an estimated size of 10,745 square miles, 7.8 percent of which consists of water.

Its inhabitants equal about 8,700,000 people and the capital is Bujumbura.

Several of these are orchids which include Diaphananthe arbonnieri, Habenaria lewallei, Polystachya maculata, and Polystachya walravensiana.

The Hutu have made up the majority of the population throughout Burundi’s existence, however due to persecution among their people many of the Hutu are fleeing Burundi to their northern neighbor Rwanda, and at the same the Tutsi are fleeing Rwanda due to violence, making their new home Burundi.

Also a number of food customs revolve around cows, which are considered sacred.

For example if Burundians heat up or boil milk or even drink it on that day they cannot eat peas or peanuts.

The Twa are believed to be descendents of the Pygmies and in spite of the rough integration of the Hutu with the Tutsi over the years the Twa are still viewed as outsiders and not formally welcomed among the other groups.

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