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It is the practice of rendering sexual services to a person while expecting payment in return.

People who perform this activity are called prostitutes.

May you find great value in these Prostitution quotes and sayings. The latter might endanger the morals of an individual,the former invariably endangers the morals of the entire country.- Karl Kraus What is art?

Prostitution.- Charles Baudelaire Writing is like prostitution.

In the words of Catherine Deneuve, “Prostitution happens to you because of troubles you had.

In reality, no woman would choose to do that.” so, let us pity those who have been pushed into the gutters of prostitution.

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It is, indeed, a model of all professional work: You can do both, but they're not the same. I can enjoy prostitute synonym quote while she's kind; But when she dances in the wind, And shakes the wings and will not stay, I puff the prostitute away: There is a great deal of pressure, in the particular area at shnonym, to prostitute our ideas, if not our integrity. You wouldn't prostitute yourself to get a part, not if you're in the right mind.

- Angela Carter The introduction of religious passion into politicsis the end of honest politics,and the introduction of politics into religion is theprostitution of true religion.- Lord Hailsham To confirm your subscription, you must click on a link in the email being sent to you. We will NEVER sell, rent, loan, or abuse your email address in ANY way.

To the moralist prostitution does not consist so muchin the fact that the woman sells her body,but rather that she sells it out of wedlock.- Emma Goldman Prostitution happens to you because of troubles you had.

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prostitute synonyms: noun A woman who engages in sexual intercourse for payment: bawd, call girl, camp follower, courtesan, harlot, scarlet woman, streetwalker. In what other profession would you brag about not knowing stuff. Shnonym should she deem herself other than venal who weds a rich man rather than a poor, and desires more things in her husband than himself.

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