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We can all relate to Gordon Ramsay and his outbursts.

-- When the man who moved into Nathaniel Bar-Jonah's former apartment read last week in the newspaper what allegedly went on in his home before he arrived, he peered up at the brown mark on the kitchen ceiling, put down the paper and vomited.

Bar-Jonah has long been a suspect in the 1996 Ramsay disappearance, but a combination of sloppy police work and distraction by a deluge of tips delayed a search of his home until last year.

"I was going to break his collarbone if he ever tried it again." Eventually, Bar-Jonah moved out of the house, which his brother owned, and into the apartment next to Mc Giboney. Last summer, Comer watched out the window as police cordoned off the garage and dug up the foundation.(A ruling by Suffolk Superior Court Walter Steele let Bar-Jonah move to Great Falls in the first place.) That process led to an 83-page report by Cascade County Attorney Brant Light detailing his theory of how the former fast-food worker disposed of the remains of a 10-year-old Great Falls boy named Zachary Ramsay.Ramsay disappeared nearly five years ago on his way to school, and Light said he believes Ramsay was butchered by Bar-Jonah and his remains served unwittingly to neighbors in burgers and stews over a period of weeks. Authorities are investigating Bar-Jonah's travels over two decades and are culling his 25-year string of convictions for child molestation, seeking clues on other victims in what has become a national search."The kitten knew that place was evil." After a pastor blessed the apartment at Mark's request, he stayed, but the cat was not convinced. Others in this town, with its orderly blocks and deeply embedded sense of independence, are still struggling with the notion that a serial pedophile linked to cannibalism walked these streets and drew crowds of children to his weekly garage sales of "Star Wars" memorabilia and stuffed animals.The outrage over Bar-Jonah is also being directed at the criminal justice system in Massachusetts.

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