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If your system becomes infected with such dangerous malware, you will become one of the bots which are part of a larger network of affected computers.

In this unfortunate event, your computer will start sending private data and financial information to a fraudulent server controlled by IT criminals.

It’s one of the main scamming techniques used to spread financial and data stealing malware.” Phishing scams are based on communication made via email or on social networks.Cyber criminals will send you messages and try to trick you into giving them your login credentials – from your bank account, social network, work account, cloud storage or any other personal data that can prove to be valuable for them.In order for their success rate to grow, scammers create a sense of urgency.They’ll tell you a frightening story of how your bank account is under threat and how you really need to access as soon as possible a web page where your must insert your credentials in order to confirm your identity or your account.

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