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Individuals who had given up eating meat primarily for social reasons indicated that they ate meat much more frequently than did people who originally became vegetarian for ethical or environmental reasons.* The Bottom Line For most people, the draw of meat is powerful -- often irresistible.

This is not a justification for slaughtering creatures because they happen to taste good. Motivations For Meat Consumption Among Ex-Vegetarians. Meeting of the International Society for Anthrozoology.

I weigh less than I did at thirty; I am stronger than when I was forty; I have fewer colds or minor illnesses than at fifty." While Masson may have thrived on a meatless diet, this is not always the case with vegetarians.I felt horrible even though I ate a good variety of foods like PETA said to." Another wrote, "My doctor recommended that I eat some form of meat as I was not getting any better.I thought it would be hypocritical of me to just eat chicken and fish as they are just as much and animal as a cow or pig.Participants talked about their protein cravings or how the smell of sizzling bacon would drive them crazy.One, for example, said "I just felt hungry all the time and that hunger would not be satisfied unless I ate meat." Another described his return to meat in mathmatical terms: .

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