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Anxious nights (and naps) are over thanks to Cocoon Cam, the only baby monitoring system that gives you audio/HD video vital signs monitoring—without a wearable.

Read on to learn how Cocoon Cam’s computer vision technology provides the ultimate peace of mind.

(The daily Swaddle Story is pretty cute, too.) Why the Best Monitor of 2017 Is Designed For You Young parents today trust technological innovation and convenience for many aspects of their lives—why should safety during sleep be any different?

With Cocoon Cam’s hospital-tested, non-invasive fusion of science and technology, baby and parents ultimately get the same thing—sleep!

It’s no wonder Cocoon Cam has already been named the 2017 National Parenting Product Awards Winner, earned a Seal of Approval from the National Parenting Center, won Product of the Year at the 2017 Creative Child Awards and a 2017 Top Choice award from

How It’s So Smart A combination of secure, cloud-based AI and computer vision has made Cocoon Cam the self-driving car of baby monitors (computer scientists designed it with the very same technology).

What Cocoon Cam Is While various baby monitors detect respiration and movement, many require cords that connect to sensor mats or for baby to wear a device.

For added safety, Cocoon Cam leaves baby and bedding free from physical connections while keeping you continuously connected to baby’s breathing motion and crib environment thanks to smart baby detection.

To help you decide, we have plenty of free screen recording software for you to take a look at.

This one camera can detect where baby is, zoom in on chest and abdomen no matter position or sleepwear, and monitor breathing.

Once you download the Cocoon Cam App to your smartphone, you’ll get a near real-time breathing graph as well as alerts that tell you when baby falls asleep or wakes, changes position, or otherwise needs your attention.

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They’ll have a fabulous time with simple water play.

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