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I am just happy as it is, surprising i feel this way because i just never thought i would. I was home alone with my sister and i was in her roon using her conputer and she was in her bayhroom taking a shower.Guess she didnt know i was in there because she came out into her room naked and i was staring at her and she kinda gasped and went back in the bathroom and came back out again with a towel around her.This was the first time girls had seen my dick and the first time anyone had seen it erect. Not only did they see me and touch me I surprised them by blowing my load. I'm not interested in little girls or underaged sex, I just find girls in uniform fuel for my fantasy. I am 5'9", 34C with a 29" waist and a 40" butt as of Dec. I absolutely love Astronomy and anything to do with outside of space.I was struggling with myself trying not to cum but it spurted out like a milky fountain beyond my control I'd never attempt to do anything illegal but I love to relive those experiences in my mind and in real through adult roleplay and ageplay. I aspire to become a science teacher for college students and to be covered in tattoos before I'm 30.If I see pictures of feet I get nauseous and just have to close whatever tab I'm in. The most I wear is chapstick, but I love experimenting with other makeup.5. If this site works well for me I shall buy a new one but for now my laptop only has a built in cam that broke when I dropped it.6. Do not push me towards anything because I will be less likely to do it. There may be times I have a lot on my plate or I'm just not near my laptop, please give me time to get used to this whole thing and we shall all be a bit happier.8. People who like longer hair, don't fret it will be there soon.9. I am generally a nice person so it is hard to anger me.

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These are my choice so I can make myself feel beautiful in my own eyes. I absolutely, positively, HATE feet with a burning passion.I will let you know if I feel the need to raise the price or not. Since I do not own a webcam for now the only thing I can record with is my phone so please be patient with me, thank you!This group is for those who look fondly back on the days when our women knew how to behave, and our lives were our own.A few months later my friend dared me to get my nose and tongue pierced at the same time and she said she would pay for it. If video ends off the minute mark it will be rounded to the closest full minute.Please in detail tell me what you want me to wear, what you wish me to do, for how long, and in what setting.

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