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The remainder of the army retreated to the main defenses on Brooklyn Heights.The British dug in for a siege but, on the night of August 29–30, Washington evacuated the entire army to Manhattan without the loss of supplies or a single life.At , all 4,000 troops landed unopposed on the shore of Gravesend Bay.

American strategy called for the first line of defense to be based on the Heights of Guan, a series of hills which stretched northeast across King's County. and there were several thousand of them there in a short time.

The ships sailed along the New Jersey shore and continued up the Hudson, sailing past Fort Washington and arriving by nightfall at Tarrytown, the widest part of the Hudson.

Brown was met by Joseph Reed, who had hurried to the waterfront on Washington's orders, accompanied by Henry Knox and Samuel Webb.

It was a victory for the British Army and the beginning of a successful campaign that gave them control of the strategically important city of New York.

In terms of troop deployment and fighting, it was the largest battle of the entire war.

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