Dating personal hiv tyler perry and shemar moore dating

But the fear of infection is not present when the relationship moves from dating to sex.

I made it a point to let him know that whether he accepted me or not, I would be a strong person because I refused to think of myself as weak ever again.

As I mentioned before, the best relationship I ever had was with someone who was negative. Whether it is better to date someone with the same status or a different status is really up to you.

I've often heard that this choice is influenced by the disclosure experiences people have.

Some folks are open to the world about being positive and mention it on the first date, while others are very private and would rather share their status only on a "need-to-know" basis -- say, if they are having sex that could be risky.

People are at different places when it comes to accepting it and talking about it -- and that's okay.

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