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The modern Cinderella story of twenty-two-year-old Hong Kong actress Isabella Leong has apparently come to an end.

"Back then, you had a family company and you gave your first son 10 shares and kept 90 shares for yourself until you passed.

In case you do not know, according to the Forbes World’s Richest List published in March, Li Kai-Shing, who owns 21 billion US dollars worth of assets, is ranked 14th in the world.

Richard Li, the youngest son of Li Kai-Shing, has been dubbed “Little Superman” by the press, and has a net worth of about 9 billion RMB.

Isabella Leong, a 21-year-old Chinese starlet gave birth to a baby boy, Ethan Li Changzhi, on April 26 in Toronto, Canada.

The baby’s father is Hong Kong billionaire Richard Li, 42.

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