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Download this plugin to get video calling on Facebook.What better way to broadcast your face to the world but from your phone, from anywhere you like.The games icon prompts you to start a number of basic board games when clicked on such as chess, darts or snooker.Finally, the smiley icon simply sends a smiley to the recipient - not exactly sophisticated.imo was originally a messaging app that could manage a lot of different social networks and chat apps.It imo offers chat, video and voice calling, group chats, and photo sharing.

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The installation is easy enough, but bugs with the system might mean you have to uninstall the plugin and repeat.

The installation of Facebook Video Chat is a bit suspicious however.

It tries to install the Babylon toolbar, make Babylon your default webpage and make it your default search engine.

These features are standard for most messaging apps except imo is locked in its own platform so friends and family will have to join.

The app is cross platform so you can log into the service on Amazon, Android, and i OS devices. When chatting, imo secures your chats with SSL/TLS and video calls are encrypted, according to imo.

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