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Desperate to avoid jail time, Shawn lies, explaining that he obtained the information in a psychic vision.Although initially skeptical, the department is impressed when he uses his "psychic" abilities to deduce that Mc Nab was engaged to be married, that the secretary was "haunted" by her dead grandmother, that Lassiter was in a relationship with his partner (who only appears in the pilot episode and is immediately replaced in the next episode by his current partner Juliet), and to solve a vandalism case. Burton Guster, Shawn's best friend from childhood hesitantly allows Shawn to recruit him, while Gus has pursued his career in pharmaceutical sales and they open their own psychic detective agency, "Psych". His parents separated in 1992, and later divorced; his mother, Madeleine (a psychologist), eventually returned and explained that she left to pursue a job opportunity. Turner(T-Bone)", "Die Hard", "Juan "Priestly", "Sheriff Spencer", "Hickory Pot", "Dry Gulch Slim", "R. Mc Murphy", "William Zane", "Soup Can Phil", "Shawn Gthorndall", "The Catch", "Shawn Womack" "Ryan Filipe" "Spencer" (Carlton Lassiter) , Sonny Boy (Henry) and White Privilege 1977, and comes from a family of police officers.Despite his obvious talent, Shawn has no interest in entering the police force, and after graduating from Leland Bosseigh High School in Santa Barbara, California, in 1995, takes up a string of random jobs selected strictly for his own enjoyment.

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Shawn has been constantly hitting on Juliet for the past 3 seasons and every time Jules has refused to return his attentions.

In "Shawn Interrupted", a psychiatrist comments that Shawn has a narcissistic personality disorder, but this is up for debate, as Shawn always shares credit with others.

In S5 E2 "Feet, Don't Kill Me Now", after Shawn solves the case, Juliet says "Well played, Shawn," and Shawn responds with "Well played everybody!

He explains the multiple-personality-afflicted Robert Dunn's condition to Gus by referencing The Flying Nun, which starred Sally Field, who played the similarly-affected title character in Sybil.

He also hybridizes movie quotes voiced by James Earl Jones in two separate films (The Lion King and The Empire Strikes Back) when addressing a mountain lion: "Simba, I am your father." Running jokes on the show center around Shawn's love of Jerk Chicken and pineapples (even though he has a "distaste" for pointy objects), which he will often bring as a gift to people he is meeting for the first time; his frequent desire for Kit-Kat bars (source: Episode 6, Season 3: There Might Be Blood) his inability to set his cell phone to vibrate, even when spying or infiltrating the homes of suspects; his fondness for Val Kilmer; his love of Curt Smith and Tears for Fears; his comments on other people's hair; his difficulty in pronouncing certain words (such as "chassis"); mispronouncing or misquoting phrases (e.g.

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