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And if you see something that would be a good addition to the site, submit an edit via Github or drop us a line.– Greg and Willem meaning “name.” It was designed and built in Cambridge, MA and Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY. Lions, Tigers and Goberts See Also: Top 10 Best National Football Teams In Africa [Latest Ranking] Football or Soccer as it is known to Americans and Canadians is the most popular kind of sport in the world. Screw Balls To choose a name that would best fit your team, Cyou must first consider the image you want to project and be sure the name is creative, or quirky. These funny name could perfectly fit your fantasy soccer team 61.

The name you choose as a team tells much about what the team means in general and specifically to the supporters. That is: everyone, because every idea benefits from a good name.If you find the site useful, consider joining our mailing list below where we’ll send occasional thoughts and additional resources on naming.Brands are redesigned with a lustrum regularity and codebases are continually rewritten and replaced but a name, for better or worse, usually sticks.That’s because a good name is a hook that sets itself into a person’s mind, linking their brain back to your idea – try to reset the hook and you risk losing the connection.

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