Updating firmware router sky broadband

This helps prevent outsiders from attempting to administer your router.Each router manufacturer uses different default addresses so check your specific router manufacturer’s website for details on which one your router may be using.Many routers use as this address but it does vary.Here are some common default addresses fro some of the more popular wireless router brands.Usually, there is a dedicated firmware upgrade section within the router administration site.It may be located under the Router Setup page, the "About This Router" page, or perhaps under a “Maintenance” or "Firmware Update" heading.The software in your Sky hub box or router is quite likely to need an upgrade to keep functioning smoothly and efficiently.The good news is that you don’t need to do much about it and it is one of the steps done for the convenience as it is a fully automated process.

One good reason why your router manufacturer may put out a firmware update is because they are trying to fix a vulnerability that was detected in the current firmware, updated firmware is similar to system updates (as in Microsoft’s Windows Update).

When the software upgrade the power light on the Sky hub box will start to blink pretty quickly and the internet light will be turned off.

This will remain so till the until the reboot process stands complete.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t interrupt a firmware upgrade that is in progress or you could potentially damage (brick) your router.

Try to avoid doing an upgrade during a lightning storm as firmware upgrades and power outages don’t mix well.

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