Pb and marceline dating

After finishing their affairs at the Ice Kingdom, the 4 heroes headed to Marceline's house. Jake punched him and then he got my sword of Justice!

Um no./rant overrr Sometimes Princess Bubblegum’s skin-tone is very pink And sometimes its very white Now, you can blame that on the lighting if you want, but I know a certain red-eating vampire who seems to have mentioned wanting to drink the red from her pretty pink face. Okay, if people really got fired for that then I don't even know. And I think it would be a good thing for children to see gay characters in their shows.

When he heard the sobbing voice on the other end he took the phone into another room."What do you want Princess Bubblegum? He knew Marceline and her didn't get along so he wanted to make this quick."Finn, Finn baby please come back to me." She cried.

They were about to kiss when the phone rang."Ugh" Finn groaned. His shaggy blonde hair grew back and covered his face; he had gotten taller and very muscular. He was now 20 years old while his hot vampire queen was 21. " Finn asked agitated that his kiss with Marceline was interrupted.

On the journey to the Ice Kingdom, Marceline and PB were giggling all the way. PB had always talked to Finn about relationships and how they wouldn't work for her because she's has the Candy Kingdom to run. Reminded me of how I was with Lady Rainicorn when we first dated. "Well, we should get going, we got a totally cool day tomorrow" Finn said, exhausted. We were about to leave, but then Marcy started to talk..

It was funny, it was almost like they were dating..... I just don't know now Finn would react to the news of it's true.. "I don't know if we should go yet" I said, skeptically, hoping either PB or Marcy would say something.

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