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But Ellen said the digital instant games go far beyond that.Crowder said state lawmakers gave the Lottery Commission permission to add any game that any other state has, including instant games.

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Registers of deeds are elected to four-year terms by the citizens of the county and serve as custodian and manager of large numbers of public records.

The commission has been talking about expanding online for a long time because that's where younger customers are, he said, adding that there's no guarantee North Carolina would add instant games in the future.

"It was never meant to be as provocative as it has become, but again, it just gave us a chance to just spend a little bit more time with some of our stakeholders to talk about what this means for the state," he said.

Ellen and Rustin said they're glad the commission is pausing to take a longer look at the impact of digital instant games.

"Once you go [through] that door on public policy, it’s hard to turn around," Ellen said.

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