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The Ministry of Labor (MOL) reported that it conducted 250 targeted child labor inspections.(2) Reports indicate that this number was inadequate to address the scope of the problem, particularly in rural and hard to reach areas.(55) The MOL and the national Office of the Child Advocate continue to develop a registry of children authorized to work by the municipal Offices of the Child Advocate. Research could not find data on the number of children authorized to work in 2016.(50) The Government reports that children who are removed from child labor are referred to the municipal Offices of the Child Advocate for services. Instituto de Investigación e Interacción Educativa - Universidad Mayor de San Andrés. ‡ The Government had other social programs that may have included the goal of eliminating or preventing child labor, including its worst forms.(23, 72-76) Although Bolivia has programs that target child labor, the scope of these programs is insufficient to address the extent of the problem, particularly in the production of Brazil nuts and sugarcane, ranching and cattle raising, mining, domestic work, street work, and commercial sexual exploitation. Although the subsidy program continues to expand, reports indicate that the subsidy is insufficient to meaningfully cover costs associated with attending school, such as transportation and school supplies. However, information on the number of children removed and whether they received services, particularly in cases where an Office of the Public Advocate did not exist, was not publicly available.(2) In 2016, criminal law enforcement agencies in Bolivia took actions to combat the worst forms of child labor (Table 7). Criminal Law Enforcement Efforts Related to the Worst Forms of Child Labor * The Government does not publish this information. "Bolivia debate un proyecto contra el trabajo infantil." Diario de León, June 25, 2014. In 2016, some criminal law enforcement officials received some training on trafficking in persons issues. "Union Kids." Latterly Magazine [online] February 17, 2015 [cited November 8, 2015]; For example, reports indicate that costs associated with attending school in La Paz's sister city, El Alto, may reach 0 per year.(23) Based on the reporting above, suggested actions are identified that would advance the elimination of child labor, including its worst forms, in Bolivia (Table 11). Suggested Government Actions to Eliminate Child Labor, Including its Worst Forms Establish and maintain an Office of the Child Advocate in every municipality with sufficient resources to ensure that legal protections are extended to all children who are permitted to work and to coordinate the provision of services to children who are removed from child labor, including its worst forms. Publish information on child labor law enforcement, including the overall number of labor inspections, the number of children found in child labor as a result of inspections, the number of violations found, and the number of penalties imposed and collected.

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Protect the rights and welfare of children, including by accompanying child labor inspectors, and refer criminal child labor cases to prosecutors and for social services.(10, 32) Oversee all human trafficking investigations and prosecutions.(27) Oversee through its National Coordinator's Office regional prosecutors who, in conjunction with the Bolivian National Police, pursue cases of human trafficking.

The Government also signed agreements with Brazil and Peru to combat human trafficking. Annual report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights - Addendum - Report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on the activities of his office in the Plurinational State of Bolivia.

However, children in Bolivia engage in the worst forms of child labor, including in mining and the harvesting of sugarcane. 791, que ratifica el "Acuerdo Marco entre el Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia y la República Argentina para la Prevención e Investigación del Delito de la Trata de Personas y la Asistencia y Protección de sus Víctimas", suscrito el 15 de julio de 2015. p=10100:0:: NO:13100: P13100_COMMENT_ID, P11110_COUNTRY_ID, P11110_COUNTRY_NAME, P11110_COMMENT_YEAR:3248856,102567, Bolivia, Plurinational State of,2015.

However, gaps exist in Bolivia's legal framework to adequately protect children from child labor. Laws and Regulations on Child Labor * The minimum age for combat is 18 per Article 36 of the Law of National Military Service (39) ‡ Age calculated based on available information In 2016, the Government passed Law 791, which incorporated into Bolivian law the Framework Agreement between the Plurinational State of Bolivia and the Republic of Argentina to Prevent and Investigate Trafficking in Persons and Protect and Assist Victims.(42) The 2014 Child and Adolescent Code specifies the conditions under which children may work, in addition to providing a number of other protections.(32) However, its provisions establishing exceptions to the minimum age for work do not conform to international standards.(43, 44) Article 129(1) of the Child and Adolescent Code establishes the minimum age for work at 14 years, which is consistent with Article 58 of the General Labor Law.(31, 32) However, Article 129(2) of the Child and Adolescent Code allows children as young as 10 years old to work in self-employment upon authorization by the municipal Offices of the Child Advocate, provided that this work does not adversely affect the child's health or education, and only upon consent of a parent or guardian and after successful medical and psychological evaluations.(32) Allowing children as young as 10 years old to work may affect their schooling, which in Bolivia is compulsory to age 17.(41, 43, 44) The ILO Committee of Experts has called upon the Government to amend Article 129 of the Child and Adolescent Code to set the minimum age for work, including in self-employment, at 14 years.(43, 44) Article 129(2) of the Child and Adolescent Code also permits children as young as 12 to work for third parties following the same authorization process.(32) Although ILO C.

138 allows children as young as 12 to engage in light work under certain circumstances, Bolivian law does not specify a list of activities that are permissible for light work, or the number of hours children are permitted to work in these activities.(32) Apprenticeships in Bolivia are regulated by Articles 28–30 and Article 58 of the General Labor Law, which requires that apprentices attend school.

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