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According to historian Rhea Mansfield Knittle (, 1927), one of the earliest glass manufacturers in the United States (not counting the unsuccessful attempts at Jamestown in 16) who may have produced considerable quantities of glassware and actually met with some degree of success, was Johannes Smedes (or Jan Smedes), who operated an establishment — probably making bottles for the most part– sometime in the period of 1654-1664 at New Amsterdam (now known as New York City) . What elements/chemicals were included in the glass “recipe”? If it’s an older, hand-blown bottle, who was the glassblower who fashioned it?

: Although some collectors and researchers may consider this an “obvious” question, it’s not quite as simple as that. Who was the last person who used it and handled it before it came into your possession?

Five of the webpages within this site list glass manufacturers’ identification marks (alphabetically listed) found on container glass (bottles, jars, flasks, jugs, etc) and in some cases on other types of glassware.

A few examples of marks would be “I inside a diamond”, “OWENS”, “B in a circle” , “K in a hexagon” and “N in a square”.

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Can the company / maker be identified by the markings on it? All of these questions might come to mind to the collector or layman, flea market shopper, historian, archaeologist, or casual hobbyist………..

and my site attempts to answer, in at least some cases if possible, a couple of these questions: Where, and approximately when, perhaps, was this piece of glass made?

Every glass object, even the most lowly, commonplace glass bottle, has a story behind it, although all of the precise details may never be known. What was the name of the company or factory where it was produced? Is it American-made, or a piece that was produced outside the United States?That particular example probably dates from sometime between 19.I hope this site will be a help in your quest to discover more information concerning the wide world of glass and glass manufacturing.Please be sure to bookmark this site, and return often! Serial #J28488, .38 Special, 4" barrel with an excellent, bright bore.

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